Be a glow stick!


Just seen this & I ❤ it- ‘Okay to be a glow stick’ 😂 Today has definitely been one of my better days which is odd considering today’s events- however they haven’t gotten me down! Tomorrow however may be different when I finally return to working on the ward & my 1st nightshift in over 6months! Queue up the ‘I’m tired’ chat! Anyway, I know that I need to keep trying in order to recover from the last however long it’s been.

It’s become clear I have issues with feeling guilty over hurting others that I would rather hurt myself. Trust is another issue. I know I have to learn to accept myself & like myself. I think ‘love myself’ is ever so slightly optimistic at present! I’m aware that I will continue to experience bad hours and days and that I must focus on sitting back up and trying again. I mustn’t lie down. I may continue to feel lonely and friendless and making new ones will continue to feel impossible.

Crying will forever be something I am at least good at but…Baby steps- because every minute & every tiny, tiny step counts in moving my life forward and since I’ve already failed at going back there is no other direction! 👣☺️✌🏻👍🏻 can u tell it’s been an ok day?

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