Never underestimate the power of music

img_1767.pngMusic is medicine… 😍sometimes music can explain my thoughts & feelings better than I can- like the lyrics were written especially for my own brain. Other times if I turn the music up loud enough it can block out the bad thoughts. Music has the power to lift my mood, to comfort my thoughts & keep me going.
For years on & off I’ve used music to help me. I also listen each night to music as it helps me fall asleep. When I wake and it’s still going it’s reassuring and I fall off again. My taste varies like most people. I’ll go from classical to pop to soul to country and in between.
It is I’ll admit, only recently I’ve been able to listen to something a little more upbeat and powerful. I’ve taken a liking for some country artists and newer (new to me) artists.
My current playlist includes RagnBone man, Lauren Alaina, Cam, Alyssa Bonagura, RaeLynn & Lady Gaga. As well as Ward Thomas, Kelly Clarkson & John Legend. To name a few!

Being able to listen to these artists and feel the power and uplift, to me is an encouraging sign. I’m headed in the right direction. I remember my counsellor asking in the beginning if I liked listening to music. I could only think yes- sad songs though.
You can tell a lot about people from there music choices and current playlists… ask them what they’re listening to instead of ‘are you ok?’ Just for a change. See if their answer gives more away to their true frame of mind ❤ Try it, I dare you!

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