IMG_1771.PNGAttended counselling this afternoon & I finally burst! Today has been a bad day. From the second I opened my eyes. Trying to persuade myself to get up. However, 2minutes with her & the tears -they came… She provides a safe place for an hour.
Understanding what lies beneath the emotions I have is difficult and becomes clearer when she helps me. She puts it in to a scenario that I get. Seeing what it is I have to accept. Different perspectives.
She gets that I don’t like to trust anyone & that I bottle everything up. But if I can accept that I’m ok and be ok with myself on my own as well as learn to trust my self & my decisions then I can look to build better relationships with others & trust them. Let people in… fully.

The NHS only offers 8 sessions of counselling. Today was my 6th. What happens next I don’t know & that worries me.
Anyway she gave me a lot of food for thought, a planner for the next week and some helpful numbers and sites I should try on my bad days when I need someone to talk to without judging and who won’t drain the little energy I have left. Lots to think on in a positive manner! Definitely ending the day feeling just a tiny bit better & more comfortable

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