End the Stigma!

We all need to look after our mental health! Without the stigma associated with it.
Having suffered on and off for many years with depression & anxiety this latest period has been one of my worst. It’s seen many things change in my life including the loss of an important relationship. My trust & confidence took a further hit & my decision making abilities disappeared.

From 6 months ago up to this point now, I can see how far I’ve come. I still have a distance to go. But… I’ve been lucky, I’ve been given help in the form of new medications, counselling, support from the best mum in the entire world as well as support from family & people I never knew or thought it possible they would or could.
I’m learning to like myself (then I’ll work on love), trust myself & accept My decisions as what will be will be.

This has also been the only time I’ve been so open about my battle. I’ve faced many different opinions & judgements along the way. Still do. Stigma exists. It’s awful, hurtful, heartbreaking & soul destroying. This has to change. It isn’t fair that someone with a broken leg or common cold gets taken more seriously than someone with a mental health problem. Someone, who on a daily basis fights their own internal demons just to survive the day.

Stigma sucks.

Ignorance sucks. It’s shitty. It has to go!

Educate yourself before you speak! ❤

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