Sea air

IMG_1777.PNGWee wander along the beach this morning. Clear the head. No sight of arran today. Didn’t sleep well last night. Crappy dreams and waking up in tears. Led me to eat two chocolate bars at 3am!

Feel like my positivity is coming in waves just like the sea. Ebbs and flows? Is that it? 🤔 and it’s hours at a time not days. Struggling not to think to much about the future.

Today’s goal is trying to remember to be in the present. Bring it back to the present. Here and now.

Also considering going back to the gp- my head is so foggy sometimes and I swear given half a chance I’d fall asleep if I look at something longer than a few minutes. My eyes just want to shut. Wondering if my dose is too strong side effect wise 😣 counselling this afternoon so will talk it over.

Anyway, considering how bad my night was, so far today is reasonable!

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