An odd day…

Today is an odd day. I’m stuck in this feeling of being content & lost. ‘Contently lost’ it’s a kind of win. I’ve always said if I could be content in life I’d be happy with that.
I’m in arran. Whiting bay for a change. It’s gorgeous today. Down the beach & it’s empty. Sea is crystal clear & sun is shining. It’s sooooo peaceful & calming & just relaxing.
Sometimes I think when the weather is this good I could live here. When I was younger this horrified me but having spent so much time here recovering in the last 8 months it’s more appealing. Maybe one day.
Or at the very least maybe I could live beside the beach. It helps my mental health no end. Clears the head & the fog. Even if it just helps while I’m here. That break is wonderful.
Tomorrow I’m back to normality & work. Nightshift with a new team of staff. Cue the anxiety & sleep deprivation!

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