20 random facts about me ðŸ˜‚

20 facts about me…
1. I never ever wanted to be a nurse yet I’ve been qualified now 6 years 😣
2. I’m incredibly emotional & I cry at EVERYTHING!!! Books, films, tv, movies! 😭
3. When I stayed with my gran & papa, I used to have tuna & onion sandwiches for my supper with my papa- then annoy my sister 😊❤️
4. I lived in Leeds for a year- people were so unfriendly
5. I love beaches- they calm me right down & clear my head
6. I like views of lights from heights at night
7. This past year is the first time I’ve been open about my struggles with my mental health & it’s actually helped me recover even more!
8. I spent my 30th in New York & fell in love with the city
9. I HATE mushrooms- my mum still forgets this 😂
10. I want a dog badly but my shifts don’t allow
11. I love the colour blue- all varieties- it’s such a calming colour
12. My favourite flowers are tulips- i want to visit the fields of tulips one day
13. When I was a baby the song from ‘neighbours’ would stop me crying 😂
14. My favourite films are Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Forest Gump & Beaches.
15. I love falling asleep to music- it distracts my mind
16. I always bottle up my thoughts & feelings for fear of rejection or judgement- something I still can’t break!
17. My grans soup was and will always be my favourite meal
18. Im scared of heights & insects & things that fly!
19. I developed a love of giraffes after feeding them at a zoo
20. I have no appendix or gallbladder!

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