No sense

Feeling kinda off today… I’ve been in Arran since Saturday. What I thought I’d be doing I haven’t been. Today I’m kinda feeling a little down, a little let down & cranky. I’m tired but that’s been my war cry & I think some people are getting fed up with me saying it. I miss my own bed.

I’m struggling to maintain the trust in some people. To believe what’s said. I think I need to see actions before I can fully trust.
I either need a really really long nap or a good cry. I’ve got the chest feeling. Dull & heavy.

I’ve cut back on my vitamin B6 for fear I was taking too much but whether that is having an effect on my mood I’m not sure.
I’ve no counselling this week- not back till next Tuesday. I feel like I need it this week. To vent and get some clarity on the present. Lift the weight off my chest.
My mental health is improving I know that. I see it. Feel it. These bad days I have are just that. I need to keep working on building myself up. Looking after me. I worry so much that I’m slipping back to my old ways of plodding on and keeping a mask on. I need to be strong. Be protective of my heart & soul.

I just want to be content with my life ❤️

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