At least 7 things you didn’t know or had thought about

IMG_1785.PNGCame across this on my scroll through Pinterest. 7 things you didn’t know or think about. None of these would have come into my head. The opposite in fact. I believed I was so worthless that no one could love me. I was the broken one. The difficult, moody cry baby. The one who couldn’t function. It was always my fault.
Now on my ‘journey’ to better mental health I still look at that list and I think really?!? I believe I have worth. I know there are people who love me unconditionally. I know I love some people unconditionally & there are most definitely people I would do literally anything for. But 15 people? Strangers?
The only one I went ‘yeah true’ was the someone being alive because of me through my being a nurse.
I struggle daily with the battle to ‘love myself’. I prefer to love others. I know this is wrong, in that I should be first but I don’t know how. As my counsellor told me when I work it out I won’t need to ask if I do. Missed my appointment last week so on a mission today to get it rearranged. Could be why I’m feeling the way I am lately. Also debating the reduction in b6. It has cleared most of the foggy weird episodes I was having but I do feel lower. Or hormones- enough said there. Or maybe I’m needing some ‘me time’. Being in a new relationship is exciting but also tiring. I’m overthinking about everything and people are constantly commenting, asking & advising. Making me then question things. I’m becoming a little exhausted mentally. My head is like a whirlpool! How he puts up with me is beyond my imagination but then I put up with him so…. evens 🙊
Anyway… definitely 7 things I didn’t think about before.

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