Space needed

I’m craving space right now… really craving ‘do nothing’ time. I’m not even sure what I would do. I think I need to be alone to truly recharge. I feel so depleted of my energy stores.
I’ve been overthinking. Earlier I had the feeling of the weight. A pain. Right in my chest. A pressure. Like a ball of frustration & anxiety. Feeling like there’s a weight on my shoulders. I tried really hard to bring it back to centre. I tried to focus on my breathing. To breathe. I tried to be mindful & I totally failed- miserably. I was so frustrated & couldn’t speak. I still feel the weight on my shoulders. Still worrying about others. Still feeling that I’m giving too much & Worrying about giving too much. I’m tired. They’re my favourite two words. ‘I’m tired’. They’re also the truest two words I could ever speak right now. They hide a multitude of feelings!

I feel like by helping others I can distract myself from my own problems & issues but then every so often it slaps me back in the face & I collapse.

Well…I’m close to collapse.

My mental health is close to another step back. And, I still can’t cry!

I need a good cry, a cuddle, a good shoulder & back massage & a week of sleep- uninterrupted!❤️

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