An empty cup

The past few weeks my emotions have been a little erratic with various things, arguments, situations etc. happening. In worrying about everything & everyone & trying to be there, I’ve depleted my energy supplies & taken a step backwards in my own mental health.
Today I had counselling. First time in three weeks. She told me I was drained. I explained the chest feeling & everything that had happened & was happening. The outcome was her explaining I need to go back to time management- making time for myself- planning my week for me time. For self care. No matter what else is going on. Or else I’m going to continue falling backwards.

She explained that when we start to feel physical symptoms like the chest heaviness & tightness, our bodies are trying to tell us we need time, we need to recharge, we need to focus on ourselves. To bring us back to centre.

We talked about mindfulness & trying differing techniques to stop myself from overthinking absolutely everything. I’ve to try small audios. Nothing too long & nothing less that 8minutes. Think I’m going to try my Digipill tonight.

The difficult thing for me is that I’ve been able to recognise some of the things I’ve been doing & know that I shouldn’t be doing it. Which has been both confusing & difficult.

I continue to feel like if I could have a really good cry & sleep for a week I would feel better. I know this is a very short lived solution. I need to focus on me. Make time for myself & my hobbies. Get back to my crafts. Focus on my snail mail with more creativity. Have bubble baths. Watch my programmes & the films I want to see. All the simple things.

I need to take care of me. The unwell plant. I need space & time to replenish my energy stores. Anyway, I even got a hug at the end of my session. I dread the day  my counselling ends.img_1786.png

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