Out of charge


What the actual f*#k is wrong with the inside of my head?!? Having a ‘blah’ & ‘meh’ kind of couple days. Overthinking, huffy, withdrawn, no motivation or any energy kind of few days. Leaking tears but not crying properly. Anxious. Debating what the hell I’m doing with my life kinda of few days.
Seriously feeling the urge to run away and escape again. Not the greatest sign in the world. Even counselling this week hasn’t seemed to help much. I’ve been told I’m blurring my borders that’s why I’m drained. Because I’ve given too much and kept giving before I’ve had a chance to recharge. To take a step back. That i need to be mindful not to take all my frustrations out on any one person. No one is psychic to how I think and feel. I’ve also to work on my time management skills and make time for me.

Right now it’s like I want to be alone but I’m scared to be alone and instantly crave company but it’s not what I need because then I feel further drained.

I can’t be everything everyone wants me to be right now. I can’t be anything right now. I’m too tired. I just feel exhausted faking it.

I’ve lost sight of how to rebuild my borders and now I’m flooding.

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