Mental Health Awareness

IMG_1790Mental Health Awareness week/month. .
I use my Instagram for a whole variety of reasons but I do use it as a way of emptying my head & helping my battle with depression & anxiety. I’ve read that those suffering tend to find writing things down, easier than talking. This is true for me. It clears my head. It stops the overthinking & sadness worsening sometimes. The impending black clouds turn that little bit lighter to grey.

I think it’s also important to remember that just because someone has depression, it doesn’t mean they never smile or laugh or have a good few hours or days.

There are the days where I’m good, where I smile & laugh. I cherish those days. Where I get out of bed easily, I go places, see people, have fun. Where I know I’m loved & I love back.

But my black space hits me at the most random of times. When I have that spare minute to think about something I’ve done, something I haven’t, something that’s been said or not. When I overdo things or try to be there for everyone. Pretending to be strong. Refusing to ask for help. Some days I know what I’m doing is wrong but I still do it. At least now I’m able to recognise it. This for me is still a step in the right direction. I do sometimes try to stop myself. I can hear the counsellors voice- “I’m the most important person- I come first”.

Either way I think it’s important for people to be kinder to others.

Just because we can’t see an illness doesn’t mean it’s not real. It exists & people are fighting it daily.

img_1789.pngOn this image is a quote by Stephen Fry- I love it ❤️

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