Writing helps me

Writing about my mental health and progress with my life after the last year truly helps me believe things can & will get better.

Whilst I still have bad days they are becoming fewer. Further apart.

Obviously I’m not talking about when I have tears because I believe I’ll always cry as an outlet. For sadness, numbness, anger, frustration, happiness & more.

The comments I’ve had on instagram have been nothing but positive & I’m truly thankful for each & every one. I look back at some of the things I’ve written, here & on paper… it’s scary.

How dark a place I was in & how far I’ve come.

People still tell me I’m vulnerable. That I need to be careful. That I’m to imagine caring for a flower that isn’t blooming. I need to fix my environment. Take care of me rather than others.

Except it’s easier said than done. I’m really trying to improve my diet aswell, to try and eat at least two meals a day.

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