Hindsight is a wonderful thing

The last week has been one giant ball of feeling frustrated, anxious, stressed, restless, exasperated…. generally just crap. Just…well…’fuck’.
There have been ‘up’ moments but for the majority it’s been this. There has been arguments, tears, shouting, sleeping, eating & not eating, boredom & reluctance. Insomnia has been one of the worst bits.
My birthday has been & gone- one of the major reasons for the shouting, exasperation & tears & arguments. Though aside from that my anxiety has been high.
I have an angry chimp. Truly I do.
Anger is apparently how I express my anxiety & frustration. I never used to know this. I always thought anger was anger. I know now that anger is a 2nd emotion.
I’ve let my boundaries become blurred. The little walls I started to build have crumbled. In hindsight I can often identify what I’ve done wrong. That is where I’ve let myself down. The problem is ‘in hindsight’.
My head spins with a thousand thoughts. I’ve no idea where to begin with anything

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