Give yourself a shake!!!

Ever get the feeling where you just wanna scream ‘ for fucks sake’ at yourself… or ‘get a grip’ or simply ‘stop it’… well…. I want to do all three as I sit & feel the big black clouds approach.
Really feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster lately. I’ve no patience. I’m moody. I’m tearful. I’m anxious. I’m sad. I’m not happy. I have no motivation. I’m frustrated at myself. I’m stuck. And the worst bit is it doesn’t feel like anything. It’s just sort of numb.
I have restless leg syndrome except it’s my whole life. I have no friggin clue. All I know is I’m sleeping more, comfort eating & wanting to run away. Avoidance I think it’s better known as. I’m tired. I’m not fine or ok. I’m bloody tired. So freaking bloody tired.
I’m running out of counselling sessions because ‘I’m stuck’. Two steps forward one step back. Except I’m +2-2. Which serves to further deplete any ounce of motivation I have.

I just want to rest somewhere away from here.

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