Everything changes…

img_1792.pngThis time last year I celebrated my engagement to the girl I loved for 8 years. This time this year, everything is different. She’s happier. But for me Absolutely everything has changed & I’m not any happier. Don’t get me wrong I’m better than 7 months ago but I’m not as good as a year ago.

Mental illness sucks royally. I’ve had a change in medications, multiple counselling sessions, (more than I’m allowed actually), separation from my fiancé & then a short lived ‘relationship’ that did me no good at all.

I can’t break through my dark clouds.

They just hover.

I’m again feeling stuck. I have no clue what direction to take my life in so I waste my days. I waste my time. I sleep far too much. I lack the motivation. I have plenty of ‘I should’ things but they remain.

Can someone please just tell me where I’m meant to be going?!!

Who am I meant to be? Because this version sucks & she’s lonely as hell.

I want to just pack up and go. To wander but financially I’m stuck.

So… yup…. everything changes….

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