img_1793.pngSo yesterday I managed to be awake for 8hours- I did also sleep for an hour in the afternoon. I managed to brush my teeth and put fresh pjs on. I went from my bed to the couch and back again. That was it.
Today after sleeping for 11 hours I’ve managed to get up showered and dressed. I can honestly say that it took every bit of willpower not to go back to bed after that.

Now I’m sitting out my aunts back door with the puppies.

Achievement of the day.

I’ve decided each day I’m going to focus on completing one task on my to do list.

Yesterday that was to order my prescription.

Today I need to go to the shop for food.

I truly feel like I’ve slipped backwards. That I haven’t been able to stop it from happening. There are a lot of possible reasons for this but the reality is my black clouds are back & it’s pretty overcast.

My bed is my safe place but it’s also my prison

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