Sad today

You told me I looked sad today.

I’m sad most days, I just haven’t the energy to hide it today.


–Yesterday I got told I looked ‘off’ & ‘sad’. Then I got asked ‘I take it your bad again’. Yes my clouds are back. I’m suffering depression, anxiety & stress. And I’m tired. It’s all I say lately. ‘I’m just tired’. In fact I’m exhausted and sometimes I just can’t pretend the way I normally do & the mask slips.

I’m trying to do as my counsellor asks. Though when I think that my sessions will end shortly I just cry. She’s my safe outlet.

What do I do when she’s gone? Who do I unleash all my thoughts to that can explain it? That can help me understand it? She’s my safe space and soon it’ll be taken from me because the NHS doesn’t allow more sessions.

You can’t swap to long term. Once your short term that’s it.

You’ve gotta be cured in a set number of sessions because it’s that easy to do!!!!

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