I have nothing… completely empty.

Today is a day of empty. I have no more tears left. I have sore eyes & a sore head. Self inflicted painful side effects. ❤️❤️❤️.

Depression is a bitch. Suffering with it sucks majorly. Suffering with any mental health illness is hard. Hard isn’t even the right word. It’s more than hard. It’s a struggle. A fight.

Add in the anxiety & any other stresses & it’s not surprising people can’t cope. That they isolate themselves. Hide away. The stigma attached is still there.

I truly think that some people don’t even know they judge. That they support that stigma. I put this down to lack of understanding & education.

Then there are those that think I & others don’t have a good enough reason to be ‘sad’ as they put it. That there are people ‘worse off’.

To them I want to say Piss off.

Go read a book.

Get some education, your showing your ignorance!

I hope that my ramblings help someone.

That they can see they are not alone. I’ve learnt this from others on Instagram and their blogs. Other people who describe their experiences, thoughts & lives.

We should be showing more support than just a like.

Add a ❤️ to their comments.

Send a message.

Show them they’ve survived their worst days up till now, they will survive today.
Anyway, back to work tonight. Not what I need but what I must do.

Can’t escape the reality of being an adult. Can’t make the work stress any worse by being off. It’ll only give them fuel.

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