The fog

What makes the fog? The illness? The medication? Life? The side effects? The lethargy? Predisposition? Bad luck? Self induced? I have no idea. 
Sometimes I feel like I have no concentration, that I’m so easily distracted by the thousand thought paths constantly going round in my head. Other times it’s like I’m looking at the outside from the inside of the inside. An extra level. Almost like watching life through a camera lens. If that kind of fog even makes sense.  
Feeling at a total loss today, needing company but not wanting it. I felt the need for air so I’ve forced myself out to stare at the sea. I could sleep. Despite the fact I slept for around 18 hours. I could still sleep. With this air and the view, the rain and the smells of the sea, I could certainly sleep. The mist and the rain is hiding the view. Barely make out the outline. Kinda how my head and life feels sometimes đź’š 

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