Moaning time

Needing a proper moan so here goes!!! Feeling a little stressed and out of sorts the past couple days. Could definitely class myself as irritable, on the verge of tears every 5 minutes, absolutely shattered & generally meh! Think I’m just catching up to all the information I’ve gotten lately from my counsellor, occupational health nurse, occupational therapist & psychiatrist. It’s all been a lot to take on board & having to work at the moment with work issues hanging over my head aswell is… not easy shall we say! 

Migraine from hell last night- multiple painkillers, cold packs and 3 sumatriptans- but still I forced myself into work- not that you get thanked for it. Tonight it’s the residual headache & abdominal cramps, my body is crying out for a break. A proper break. But nope. Not on the horizon at present. Not till the end of September. And that’s more mess right there! 

However… I can always, always count on these two roasters to cheer me up and occupy my head for half an hour 😍🐶🐶😍

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