Self care

Day 3 – Self care Sunday ðŸŒº

I often struggle with self care because I care a lot for others. I try to help with their struggles before my own. 😐I hate seeing others suffer in any way. ❤️ However I’ve become acutely aware this past year that you cannot pour from an empty cup. You have to take care of yourself first or you risk running out of charge. Running on empty. 🔋🔋🔋 


Self care is an important aspect in everyone’s lives. Something we should practice far more often than just today. We should be doing something for ourselves on a daily basis. We have to invest time in ourselves in order to grow. To move forward. 


I know personally it can be Extremely hard to focus on myself sometimes. I can sometimes feel guilty for saying No (Even saying no is relatively new to me.) But I have had to in order to look after my mental health. 


So today’s self care for me was to change my bedding and do my nails, whilst watching ‘Trauma’ on Netflix. I’ve now also had a jam doughnut. This afternoon and tonight will be about doing nothing and being ok with that 😊💚❤️💚

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