Mental health-Day 5

Day 5 Mental health🌺

These two roasters have on more than one occasion been my saviour. Taking them to the beach for a walk, cuddling up with them, playing with them- can’t help but smile. A dogs love really is unconditional. They have been therapy for me the last year. And quite often I’d rather be with them than I would people! The Times wrote in April about how animals are good for mental health- that animals can comfort, reduce stress, fear & anxiety. Pets are also good for physical conditions. 


The beach for me- the sound of the waves, the views, the calmness- soothes my soul. It’s become something I can stare at for hours. I remember seeing an article that living by the sea reduced the risk of mental health. So I looked a little more. 💚The BBC stated that the census data showed those living near the seaside were happier. The Express used research carried out by Americans from New Zealand, that showed the sound of waves can relax a person. They lull a person into a deeply relaxing state. So it does work. A little visit on my own calms me. 



Anyone suffering mental health issues should have a dog and live near a beach! I will one day have my own but until then I’ll continue to steal these two for a visit to the beach. @omgkenzieee 😊 


Credit The Times 2017

BBC Health Service 2013 

The Times 2014 

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