Read and Reflect

Day 13-14Read and Reflect. 

So @omgkenzieee sent three articles out to read. Health inequity, Prejudice ruins health & Concern for Fat people’s health.



They were all interesting reads, especially the Concern for Fat people’s health. 


I am overweight. I am fat. I am clinically (BMI) obese. I am plus size. I do not like my body. I’ve grown up with all the ‘fat is bad’, ‘lose weight’, ‘try this diet’. I have tried a few diets. Yes I’ve lost weight but I’ve put it all back on and more. Everywhere I look is smaller people. Skinnier people. In the media- adverts, magazines & tv. Shops that only sell to certain size. I hate that I can only shop in two shops out of an entire shopping centre. That the rest I have to order online. I don’t put myself forward for anything. I hate being in photographs. I often think no one will find me attractive because of my size. I hate always being the bigger girl. 

The Body Mass Index is something I see used daily as a nurse To score people. It’s ridiculous. In hospital we don’t score or treat ‘heavier’ people in our risk assessments except to see if they need different equipment- like a bariatric bed or chair. They might want some advice on healthy eating but we don’t ask that. 

Underweight people they score on the MUST tool. They get food charts and referred to the dietician automatically. 

I have never experienced fat shaming online and I hope I never do. Fat should not be an offensive term. It’s a descriptive word just like tall or petite, brunette or blonde. I use it as a descriptive term for me. It’s not a lie. I’m not looking for anyone to say oh no your not. 

Fat shaming is hurtful. Being bullied at secondary school was damaging enough to my opinion on my body & my mental health. Being surrounded by media images and lots of people dieting- so many nurses diet it’s unreal! It’s all they talk about sometimes. It’s damaging. It truly does affect my mental health and the image I have of myself. How I see myself when I look in the mirror. Since using Instagram I’ve come to follow a few women who are inspiring in their body positivity. I hope one day (soon) that I can accept my body. Not be upset by it. Be completely body positive. Be motivated. Maybe one day.

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