No make up

Day 22- 

Today is no makeup day so what better than a selfie first thing in the morning 🙂 

Make up to women can be important for several reasons. People with acne, scars, what they class as imperfections, may all like to use make up.

Before last year I would never have left the house without makeup on. I felt I looked to pale. The bags under my eyes were too dark. My eyebrows too pale. 

However dealing with my mental health it became less important. Now while I still don’t go without very often it doesn’t have the same negative impact 💋💄👄. I can do it. I’ll go walking the dogs without any on. I’ll visit family without it on. I’ll nip to the local shop. I’ll even leave the house without straightening my hair now 😂. 

Baby steps …

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