Days 23-26 of Kenzie Brenna’s bootcamp

So days 23 / 24 / 25 were all repeats. We had Cellulite Saturday, Selfie Sunday & Embrace the Squish again. I still struggled with taking pictures of my body but it was certainly easier than the first time around! 

Day 26 however was about goals that you have set yourself that are not about your body i.e. Not about losing or gaining or building muscle etc. 
This last year goals for me have included getting out of bed, having a shower, getting to work, attending counselling and well, breathing. Improving my mental health has been the biggest goal. 


While I do have goals for my body they are definitely not at the top of the list and I’d rather not write about them. Some of my other goals however include: 

1. Understanding my mental health diagnosis better .

2. Adjusting to my medications properly πŸ’Š.

3. Drinking less fizzy juice .

4. Being calmer and therefore a nicer person πŸ€—.

5. Learning how to write in my blog πŸ“.

6. Becoming more comfortable in my own skin.

7. Spending as much time with the dogs as possible 😍🐢🐢❀️.

Then there are some goals I want to keep quiet and celebrate myself πŸ€—

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