Day 27- Privilege
So today’s challenge in the Self love bootcamp is related to looking at ourselves, the hardships we’ve faced and been through and the privileges we’ve had. 

We’ve all been through some shit. Some bad times. There is no doubt in my mind that we all have had some hardships at some point in our lives. Been stigmatised or bullied. Passed over for something or struggled financially. 

I personally don’t come across many other cultures in the town I live in or the job I have. It’s a very white & Scottish area. 

My parents worked extremely hard to provide for me and my sister. We weren’t spoiled rotten but we still got treats. I was bullied throughout primary & secondary for my appearance. My body shape. 

My mental health problems started right after school. Possibly before but I know I struggled through all of my 20’s. I got into a lot of financial debt. Recklessly. My family have helped me to keep hold of my home. They helped me to have a car to get around. They would give me their last penny. I have a wonderful extended family aswell. My gran was an amazing woman and she loved family gatherings so it stemmed from there. I have also been in same sex relationships. We were strong enough to not care about any criticisms and to be fair any we did face came from strangers. 


So despite my hardships in life, mainly caused by my mental health, I know I am privileged. I’m able bodied. I have no physical disabilities. I’m white. I have no automatic stigma attached to me. 

I know I am lucky. I am truly grateful for the family I have. The support I have. 

I’d also like to think that I am & would be supportive of others, of different cultures, religions, colour, sexuality & financial status, etc. 

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